The Documentary Company


Film criteria

Please read the criteria before getting in touch.

  • The Producer and/or Director of the Documentary feature for Cinema or TV must have a proven track record of commercial and or creative success.
  • The subject of the Documentary must be within four major and proven successful categories: Human Interest, Politics, Music, and Nature & the Environment.
  • The subject of the Documentary must be able to garner a certificate of censorship suitable for wide release to a wide audience.
  • There must be an indication of Sales Agent, International Distributor or Broadcaster interest and sales estimates.
  • The EIS investment must not exceed one half of the overall budget for the film, with a cap on total investment in any one documentary of £150,000.
  • The EIS investment must be recouped in first position or where the finance plan does not allow for a priority position on no less than pro rata pari passu with other Equity Providers.
  • The Documentary should aim to generate net tax credits and incentives equal to at least 20% of the Approved Budget.

If you think you have a project that fulfills these criteria, please get in touch with the company following the procedures below.

To make an initial expression of interest, please email [email protected], giving a brief overview of the project, producer track record and estimated budget level.

Once you have contacted us to express your interest in the fund you will be advised on how to formally apply.

Unsolicited applications will not be processed.