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The Lovers and The Despot

The Documentary Company is pleased to announce that its latest Production 'The Lovers and The Despot' had its world premiere at the Sundance International Film Festival on January 22nd 2016. 

The film produced by Natasha Dack of Tigerlily Films and Directed by Rob Cannan and Ross Adam, has been a project that the Documentary Company has been proudly and passionately supporting for two years and we are delighted with its critical acclaim. The film has its European premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 13th 2016.

"It's vibrant cinema"

"In a new documentary, it explains a few of the many crimes of the late North Korean dictator and film fanatic Kim Jong-il.  The Lovers and the Despot is almost as crazy as The Interview, but it’s a true story. The jaw-dropping tale of the kidnappings of a famed South Korean actress and her ex-husband, a leading director from Seoul, places screwball intrigue and storybook lustre inside the frame of Cold War tabloid melodrama. It seems like pure improbable invention, until you see the pictures and hear the audiotapes."

Screen Daily

It's an international thriller, more bizarre than any Mission: Impossible, stranger than The Interview, and, if it didn't come with the risk of a debilitating email hack, would likely be the subject of a feature film very soon.

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